xChain Monthly — February

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Welcome to the xChain Monthly, Wormhole’s monthly update about everything xChain.

February 2023 is history! Let’s have a look at the latest updates, news, and achievements in the Wormhole ecosystem:

🦄 Uniswap V3 BNB Chain Deployment

Thank you to everyone who voted on the Uniswap V3 BNB Chain Deployment — we’re honored by the trust the community has put in us and look forward to helping @Uniswap go xChain to @BNBCHAIN with Wormhole.

This is a huge win for the Uniswap protocol, its users, and ultimately the entire ecosystem — and an important step towards a multi-chain future!

Our goal is to help enable projects and communities to expand their reach by going xChain, and this is such an awesome example of that.

🔵 Base is coming

@coinbase launches @BuildOnBase, a new Ethereum L2 built with @optimismFND’s OP stack. And rest assured — Wormhole will be supporting Base from Day 1!

⚬ Just 48h after @coinbase announcing @BuildOnBase, the Wormhole testnet is live on Base Goerli! Read the docs and/or test the bridge.

🧞 Wormhole launches the xGrant Program

Wormhole is excited to announce the launch of the xGrant Program, a new ecosystem grant initiative that aims to empower cross-chain developers and founders.

This program is designed to provide financial support, mentorship, and resources to help innovative projects reach their full potential and make a significant impact in the industry.

The xGrant Program is divided into four tiers, each offering different levels of support based on the needs and goals of the project:

a) Contribution: $5,000-$50,000
b) Incubation: $25,000-$100,000
c) Moonshot: ~$200,000
d) Research: $ dependent on submission

At Wormhole, we strongly believe developing xChain is how builders can provide a better experience for users and we are determined to help others achieve this. This is why we launched the xGrant Program — to aid talented devs and founders take their projects to the next level.

To learn everything about the different tiers and further details of the xGrant program, read out full announcement here.

You only have 60 seconds to spare? Watch David explain xGrant in the latest Wormhole in 60 video.

⛓️ New Chains

⚬ Acala joined the Wormhole network!

⚬ Do you know, what pommiits is? It was our teaser for Optimism 🙂

⚬ The big day! @optimismFND is live on Wormhole, and we couldn’t be more excited! Take a minute and learn how the L2 scaling solution for Ethereum achieves faster transaction finality — with lower fees (and much more).

⚬ It only takes @davidsdietrich 60 seconds to tell you why we are so excited about @optimismFND joining the Wormhole network.

🤝 Powered by Wormhole

⚬ On Feb 16th, 2023, we brought Bitcoin back to @solana!

Aries Markets integrated an EVM bridge built with Wormhole to easily bridge assets from EVM chains, such as Ethereum and Polygon, to Aptos without leaving Aries App.

@PsyOptions, a leading digital asset trading platform, is integrating Wormhole to allow for seamless xChain trading and depositing to further enhance the platform’s utility and accessibility. Read the full announcement here.

We’re proud to make this one happen: bridged via Wormhole, @Chiliz, a leading chain for sports & entertainment, is now available on @Injective_.

SOL made its way from @solana to @Injective_! …and with that, it enters the broader Cosmos ecosystem for the first time!

⚬ …and here’s the first market for wormholed SOL on @Injective_ (and @cosmos, for that matter)! @HelixApp_ has an SOL-USDC spot market up and running.

⚬ Oh wow! That’s cool! @BanklessHQ’s first ever podcast NFT (with @aeyakovenko) made it to @solana. Check out how they did it.

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Community

⚬ Wormhole launched it’s very first quests on Crew3!

⚬ Did you ever miss a Wormhole Twitter Space you really wanted to listen to? Well, now you can find all our (past & future) Spaces on YouTube — categorised and searchable.

💻 Building

We’re building in the open. Always. Here you can find January’s Github stats.

🪄 Rando

My protocol? xChain.

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