Wormhole Frens — MobLand

What is MobLand?

MobLand the first-ever Mafia-themed Metaverse, is free-to-play — play-to-earn, whilst truly making the Metaverse more accessible by introducing the revolutionary MAFIA-as-a-DAO (MaaD) system. It has been the #1 NFT collection on BSC (all-time volume) for 4 months running. The collab introduces exciting new concepts for cross-chain development and paves the way for more innovation. Players will be able to stake MobLand’s $SYNR governance token and in-game NFT assets on the Ethereum network and mint in-game assets cross-chain on BSC and multiple other chains.

Wormhole implementation

The MobLand crew believes, as we do, that building cross-chain is advantageous for all users, and this partnership will bring those advantages to the forefront for everyone in the GameFi economy.

A) Increased composability of user assets

Gamers are given the flexibility to stake their tokens and NFTs on the Ethereum network and mint them cross-chain on BSC and other connected blockchains.

B) Assets aren’t locked into a smart contract controlled by a bridge

Because of this core layer integration, MobLand is able to communicate the minting of assets between chains, allowing assets to exist natively rather than being wrapped and locked in a smart contract controlled by the bridge.

C) Moving assets and NFTs seamlessly between chains

Wormhole gives MobLand members a smoother experience when going cross-chain by unifying their network contracts across multiple DeFi ecosystems, bringing a cohesive cross-chain experience to their metaverse.

More from the #MafiaMetaverse

If you’d like to find out more, connect with our frens at MobLand:

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If you have questions, need support, or want to connect, join the Wormhole community and keep up to date with our up-and-coming announcements. We’re always happy to hear your feedback, join our discord, and drop us a comment!



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