Wormhole Chains — XPLA

1. What is XPLA?

XPLA (“Explore and Play”) is a proof-of-stake, Cosmos-based, gaming-specific L1 built by Metamagnet with its main partner, the Com2uS Group, one of the largest public Korean gaming studios. Metamagnet also built C2X, a blockchain gaming platform. While C2X will continue to exist as a gaming platform, XPLA aims to be a gaming mainnet that acts as a hub on which any third-party studio can build games and create media content.

2. What’s cool about XPLA?

The future of gaming: Web3

Since its inception just a few decades ago, the international gaming industry boasts a steady year-over-year growth and is nowadays bigger than the music & movie industries combined. In 2022, revenue is forecasted to surpass $200B (up from a mere $8B in 2006), and it is estimated that globally, there are around 3 billion people who play some sort of video game.

XPLA is extremely developer-friendly

Through the IBC (Inter-Blockchain Communication protocol), the Cosmos SDK, and the upcoming EVM compatibility (planned to go live in Q4 2022), the XPLA blockchain can be easily connected to other chains and allows for easy cross-chain migration and interoperability. XPLA is built with Tendermint, a state-of-the-art Byzantine Fault Tolerant (BFT) blockchain engine, which allows software to be securely and consistently replicated.

XPLA uses Cosmos’ security

XPLA is being built with the Cosmos SDK: the combination of using CosmWasm and the Tendermint Core proof-of-stake consensus mechanism assures the security of the whole Cosmos ecosystem and, with it, XPLA’s security.

3. Who’s on the Team?

As mentioned above, the Com2uS Group is responsible for developing the XPLA blockchain, they are experienced game developers who know how to ship.

4. Anything else?

Speed & Costs

The XPLA blockchain offers a block time of 6 seconds, with ~1,000 tps (transactions per second) and an average transaction network fee of 0.13 XPLA (approximately $0.10).

Native Token

XPLA, the blockchain’s native utility token, is used for governance and staking.


XPLA Vault

Block Explorer

XPLA Explorer

Programming Languages


Documentation & GitHub


Contact & Socials

Stay up to date with XPLA by following their social channels:

5. Wormhole Noob? No problem!

If you’re new to Wormhole, here’s what you need to know:

6. Wormhole’s supported networks

Wormhole allows users to send assets to and from any of the supported chains without double-wrapping the asset. It enables seamless access to each network’s vibrant DeFi & NFT ecosystems!

7. Join the ever-growing Wormhole community

If you have questions, need support, or just want to connect, join the Wormhole community and keep up to date with our upcoming announcements. We’re always happy to hear feedback — join our Discord, and drop us a comment!



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