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1. What is Aptos?

Aptos is a recently launched L1 blockchain designed around three key principles — scalability, safety, and upgradeability. Aptos is being developed by Aptos Labs, a team consisting of former Meta developers who worked on the Diem project that was discontinued in January 2022.

2. What else do you need to know?

Aptos utilizes and includes core creators of Move, a Rust-inspired programming language built for smart contract development, independently developed over the last three years by much of the Aptos team. Move is a new smart contract programming language that brings safety and provability to coding, making it dramatically easier for developers to build scalable and user-friendly applications.

3. Wormhole plans to support Aptos from Day 1!

Update Oct 18th: Aptos mainnet went live on October 18th and, at the same time, went live on the Wormhole network.

4. Who’s on the Team?

Aptos Labs is co-founded by Mo Shaikh (CEO) and Avery Ching (CTO). Both are former Meta employees with years of experience as a strategic partnerships lead and a senior developer/engineer, respectively.

5. Anything else?


Argo Fi


Pontem Wallet

Block Explorer

Aptos Explorer

Programming Languages



AIT (Aptos Incentivized Testnet) 1–3
Since Aptos launched its developer testnet in March, tens of millions of transactions have been conducted, more than 20,000 nodes went up, and over 100 projects started building on the chain. Check out their latest testnet update.

Documentation & GitHub


Contact & Socials

Stay up to date with Aptos by following their social channels:

6. Wormhole Noob? No problem!

If you’re new to Wormhole, here’s what you need to know:

7. Wormhole’s supported networks

Wormhole allows users to send assets to and from any of the supported chains without double-wrapping the asset. It enables seamless access to each network’s vibrant DeFi & NFT ecosystems!

8. Join the ever-growing Wormhole community

If you have questions, need support, or just want to connect, join the Wormhole community and keep up to date with our upcoming announcements. We’re always happy to hear feedback — join our Discord, and drop us a comment!



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