Wormhole Bug Bounty Pre-Release Program Launch

  • Wormhole Project: This allows the finding and fixing of bugs before they hit mainnet, making it significantly easier to patch these bugs in the open, without additional governance effort, and without additional stress.
  • Wormhole User: This allows users to understand that Wormhole is pulling out all the stops to lower the likelihood of being affected by a bug in mainnet, but providing financial incentives to a broader community than would be reachable organically.
  • Wormhole White-Hat Hackers: This allows white-hat hackers the first crack at these bugs before they are battle-tested in mainnet. This ensures that white-hat hackers can be part of the security story earlier (“shifting-left”), reducing user harm potential, and still receiving a healthy reward as if they found the bug in mainnet.
  • Wormhole Aptos Smart Contracts (pre-release)
  • Wormhole Algorand Smart Contracts (pre-release)



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