The Wormhole Blog is Moving to Our Website!

2 min readMar 14, 2023


We’re excited to announce that we’ll be migrating our blog which currently lives on Medium, to our official website:

A new place for the Wormhole blog:

From now on, all future articles will be published via our new blog, which you can expect will continue to publish research, thought pieces, tutorials, product updates, news and more. This process includes migrating over all existing articles and removing them from Medium altogether.

Upping the Wormhole Blog Ante

At Wormhole, we consider our blog a vital part of the xChain movement and our protocol as a whole. To us, it’s not just a forum that allows for us to randomly share our thoughts and the most recent happenings at Wormhole, it’s literally a conduit for helping us foster a meaningful, involved and informed community.

With every blog piece we publish, it’s our mission to continue building a strong and vibrant community of builders and enthusiasts who want to make a positive and lasting impact on web3 and beyond.

While Medium has been a powerful tool in our effort to share all things Wormhole, moving to our own website gives us greater creative control and flexibility as to the types of content we can deliver.

You can expect our content team to up the ante, delivering highly dynamic and informative content that you’ll both enjoy and want to share with others.

Have Any Content Requests? Or Do You Want to Be a Contributor?

We invite you to let us know which types of content you like most. Please reach out to us in the Wormhole Discord channel or comment below on what you’d like to read and see more of. Likewise, if you’d like to become a contributor, let us know, as we’re always open to content submissions.

And finally, make sure you head over to our new blog at and bookmark it for easy access.

Existing Email Subscribers

Our existing email subscribers will be migrated to our new hosting platform, But no worries, nothing will change for you — except that the emails you receive when we publish new content might look slightly different. Of course, subscribing to our email list is free of charge, and you can opt out anytime.




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