Out Of The Wormhole — May Newsletter

Table of contents

  1. Activate x Wormhole Miami
  2. ShipShow Episodes 3
  3. Decommas integrates Portal bridge
  4. UST(Portal) on Avalanche via Pangolin
  5. Wormhole Frens — Atlas Dex
  6. SALT Crypto Bahamas
  7. Wormhole Frens — MobLand
  8. Swim Protocol AMA
  9. Telegram channel update
  10. Liquid markets update

1. Activate x Wormhole Miami create the first chain-agnostic hackathon

Yes, yes, yes. We’re partnering with Activate to bring you the first chain agnostic hackathon. Ethereum, Solana, Algorand, StarkNet, NEAR Protocol, Celo, Gnosis Chain… builders can choose from the greatest ecosystems available to buidl on.

2. Check out “The ShipShow Episode 3 — Wormhole”

Jump Crypto prez Kanav Kariya and Hendrik Hofstadt, Director of the Wormhole Foundation, talk all things cross-chain and go down the Wormhole to explore the depths of the protocol and its ecosystem on our 3rd episode of The ShipShow.

3. The Portal bridge brings seamless cross-chain transfers to DeCommas

4. Double rewards for UST(Portal) on Avalanche with Pangolin

  • $UST 🤝 $PNG
  • $UST 🤝 $AVAX
  • $UST 🤝 $USDC

5. Wormhole Frens — Atlas DEX

6. Sipping & Shippin’ at SALT Crypto Bahamas

A crypto conference in the Caribbean where you can sip cocktails with Tom Brady, SBF, Gisele Bündchen, Katy Perry, or Bill Clinton while watching the sun set? We’re in.

7. The Mob is coming to Wormhole

8. Swim Protocol AMA: from hackathon winner to multi-chain liquidity protocol

In the Bahamas, we found some time to sit and chat with Swim Protocol — the Solana Ignition hackathon winner — and discover how it implements the Portal bridge.

9. Wormhole Telegram update: announcements only

Since April 27th, our Telegram channel is an announcements-only group: members aren’t able to send messages to the group anymore. We took this measure to improve security and protect members from scam and phishing attacks.

10. Liquid Markets update

Latest update to our Liquid Markets doc:

  • Updated naming convention from (Wormhole) to (Portal)
  • Fantom: Curve market for UST(Portal)
  • Avalanche: Pangolin has launched three new superfarms (UST-PNG, UST-AVAX, UST-USDC) with double rewards of $UST and $PNG
  • Oasis: UST (Portal) from Terra
  • Terra: wAVAX, wavUSDC.e, wBNB, wBUSD, wETH, weUSDC, wMATIC, wpoUSDC, wSOL, wsoUSDC

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