1. Mobland changes the GameFi

2. Anchor goes cross-chain with Wormhole: $sAVAX now live on xAnchor

Anchor went cross chain to create the first cross-chain native DApp, powered by Wormhole. xAnchor brings all of Anchor’s features and functionality to other non-Terra blockchains, starting with Avalanche. Here’s what’s new — users can now stake $AVAX using Benqi, then use it as collateral on xAnchor to borrow $UST, interacting natively within the one DApp without ever leaving the chain. Check out their useful guide here.

3. Fantom joins the Wormhole network

Fantom — one of the most vibrant de-fi ecosystems out there — is joining the Wormhole network, giving users the ability to send UST(Portal) from any connected network to Fantom and access liquid markets on Curve and Excalibur today. Welcome, Fantom!

4. Up next: Acala, Karura and Aurora

Acala & Karura of Polkadot

5. Wormhole? Or Portal? What’s the difference?

Confused? You’re not alone. So, we wanted to clarify. What’s the difference? Read on.

6. UST(Portal) on AAVE

Good news for AAVE users. After passing the governance proposal in March, UST(Portal) is now supported to use as collateral on AAVE, creating more stablecoin choices for borrow and lending.

7. Final days! Migrate your V1 assets now

Sorry to sound like your mom, but seriously — migrate your V1 assets. The Wormhole V1 bridge will be deprecated soon. Users can either migrate selected V1 assets using migration pools or send their tokens back to their origin chain using the V1 bridge. Find out how to migrate here.

8. Atlas DEX 2.0 goes live

Built on top of Wormhole’s generic message-passing protocol, Atlas DEX supports seamless token transfers across Solana, Ethereum, BSC, Fantom, Polygon and Avalanche without a wrapped asset in sight. 1.5k tokens to choose from. Access to more than 130 DEXs. This is huge.

9. But can you Swim?

The Swim protocol has launched, and the Solana hackathon winner is now on the alpha mainnet. By leveraging Wormhole, Swim offers a unique native-to-native asset swap to and from Solana. Currently connected to BSC and Ethereum, users easily send native USDC or USDT from one chain and receive native USDC or USDT on the target — with no need for wrapped assets. Give it a try today 🎉

10. A DeFi + Portal integration as sweet as Honey

Last year, Honey Finance introduced NFT staking. Today they’ve grown into one of the largest non-marketplace NFT protocols on Solana. And as of March 2022, Honey DeFi began integrating the Portal bridge for NFT cross-chain borrowing, lending & governance. That means, Solana $HONEY tokens can be bridged to Ethereum and support governance and voting natively on those chains.

11. Liquid Markets update

  • Avalanche: Trader Joe added UST(Portal) for a new AVAX-UST farm
  • Avalanche: Pangolin has launched three new superfarms (UST-PNG, UST-AVAX, UST-USDC) with double rewards of $UST and $PNG
  • Fantom: Curve and Excalibur markets for UST(Portal)
  • Oasis: Gemkeeper adds WETH/ROSE pool with ETH (Portal)

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