Introducing Wormhole

Network Overview

Features of the Network

Fully generic

  • Wormhole cross-chain messages can contain arbitrary data. This allows for developers to build applications using the Wormhole that include, but are not limited to, asset transfers, oracle data, governance decisions, NFTs, and much more we haven’t even thought of.

Abstraction of consensus /application logic

  • Consensus is a very lightweight high-throughput process in Wormhole’s peer-to-peer network and is completed asynchronously. The resulting signed messages can then be relayed to any connected chain with custom application logic to parse and trigger events. This abstracts away the hairy/tedious multi-chain light client logic, and the trust assumptions/decentralization set while retaining full flexibility for developers looking to leverage this platform.


  • The asynchronous nature of Wormhole’s single-round consensus allows for low-latency consensus on state, allowing for the information to be used on any blockchain (or off-chain!) with minimal delay — keeping up even with high-throughput chains like Solana.

Easily extensible and fully upgradeable

  • Incorporating new chains is a straightforward governance process and requires no disruption of the activities on the rest of the network. All core contracts are also fully upgradeable with governance is controlled by the Guardian set, requiring a supermajority to pass upgrades.

Build on Wormhole

High-quality guardians



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Cross-chain interoperability protocol connecting high value blockchains