What is Allbridge?

Allbridge, like the Portal bridge, is a blockchain bridge that allows tokens and/or arbitrary data to be transferred from one chain to another. While those chains may have different protocols, rules, and governance models, a bridge creates a reliable mechanism for both chains to interoperate. Currently, Allbridge allows bridging to and from 15 different networks.

What’s cool about Allbridge?

1. Support for EVMs, L2s, and non-EVMs

What is Allbridge Core?

Allbridge’s new product, Allbridge Core, provides a one-click solution for bridging native stable coins between chains without the need to wrap and unwrap the transferred tokens. Furthermore, it offers the possibility to convert part of the transferred funds into gas tokens to pay the occurring transaction fees.

How does the Wormhole integration work?

This is where Wormhole enters the game: in order to conduct those “wrap-less” transfers, Allbridge utilizes the Wormhole core layer to perform a cross-chain swap with the following four steps:

  1. Deposits the tokens and emits a receipt of deposit and an intention to swap said tokens
  2. Sends the data as a Wormhole message to the target chain
  3. Submits the deposit receipt to complete the swap
  4. Deposits them into the user’s wallet

What does that mean for Allbridge users?

On the Allbridge website, users will be able to choose which message passing layer they’d like to use (Allbridge or Wormhole) — Wormhole will be the default option on all networks that are currently supported by Wormhole.

More from Allbridge

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